Best Roofing Materials and Their Advantages

14 Dec

Best Roofing Materials and Their Advantages

The materials that are to be used for roofing depend on a lot of factors.In our case,we are interested in quality roofing materials. Aesthetics are majorly considered against cost in determining the best roofing materials.The most commonly used types of materials for roofing include; Concrete tile roof,metal roof shingles,architectural shingles,clay tile roof,slate roof and the corrugated metal roof.

Each of the roofing materials listed above has its own advantages as below;

Concrete tile roof – This type of roofing is mostly used in modern homes.This has made them to become the most popular roofing materials in the market today as many houses being built are modern hence they can be used in multiple instances.Else,this materials are very durable with a very low maintenance cost. This is simply because they don’t rot out of water damage.

Metal roof shingles – This is mostly applied in the case where traditional shingles are combined with the durable metal roofing to come up with the best quality of roofing.They take the name because the materials make the roof appear like a traditional shingle roof.This materials are available in the market in any colour and they can be used on any type of roof.The materials are not combustible hence not prone to fire.Their main advantage is that they are durable hence offering maximum protection.

Architectural shingles – This makes the best roofing materials for people who own homes and aim at good value and looks.This is because they are thicker and have a unique texture.They are very appealing to the eye and are of a more better quality.Their main advantage is that they are very versatile hence can fit in many home styles .

Clay tile roof – This roofing material makes to be the most appealing and most romantic in terms of appearance.They have a natural thermal resistance and the method in which they are installed makes them a strong factor for an energy –efficient building.They are fairly durable too.

Slate roof – This type of roofing materials are mostly applied in high-end homes and are mostly considered for more classier color outputs.Slate roof materials are long lasting hence durable .They are not prone to insects,fire and harsh weather conditions.

Corrugated metal roof – This is the best roofing usually used at home on log cabins and in rustic homes.This is because of their suite in most contemporary structures.It is also very durable to various weather conditions hence most prefferable in any climate.The main advantage is that it reflects heat to reduce cooling costs hence economical.


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